Make your journey comfort, safe, effortless and on schedule.

With Grand Galaxy Chauffeur (GGC), by offering exceptional service with no detail unattended, we have been fortunate enough to have developed into the leading provider of ground transportation in the area door to door, and where ever you want.

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World Leading Genuinely Crafted Ground Passenger Chauffeured Shuttle Services and Transport Tour Supplier

With over 65 different vehicles we are sure to have a ride to fit your needs. We get you where you want to go, when you want to go and in the type of vehicle best suited to you.
Galaxy Standard Shuttle Galaxy President Shuttle Galaxy
Enterprise A
Enterprise B
Seating Capacity7 Passenger Seats 2 President+4 Passenger Seats24 Seats 11 Seats 14 Seats Incoming Vehicle
Air-conditioning YesYesYesYesYesYes
Luggage Capacity 8 Hold Luggage 8 Hold Luggage 12 Hold Luggage 10 Hold Luggage 16 Hold Luggage 22 Hold Luggage

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Make your journeycomfort, safe, effortless and on schedule.
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Proudly Serving the Australia Wide Major City

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Tasmania.

Super well trained and practiced professional drivers

Super well maintained condition of the per car use

Top feedback service from clients

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Limited Membership Numbers Available for Calendar Year 2024 ending at 31 Dec 202420050NA
Lifetime Limited Membership NumbersNANANA
Free Hours Use per Calenda Year (Limited up to 8-Seaters MPV, *Exclude* Public Holiday, Sunday Use, December/January/Feburary*)10 Hours of Limited UseNANA
Free Hours Use per Calenda Year (Limited up to 8-Seaters MPV, *include* Public Holiday, Sunday Use, December/January/Feburary*)NA20 Hours of Unlimited Booking20 Hours of Unlimited Booking
VIP Airport Transfer Service (within 2 Hours Distance, up to 5 Passengers, with Flight Delay Protection 3Hours+)355
Tour Discount (Over 2 Hours Less 6 Hours Bookings)NA5%5%
Tour Discount (Over 6 Hours Bookings)5%10%10%
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Cost of Membership Program$888.00$1,888.00INVITATION; Or Grant in GGC Event
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Frequently asked questions

Is Quotation same to the final price of booking?

Quotation only valid for the period of 14 days from day 1 of the quotation issued for clients, unless the client have paid the quotation price to lock the bookings, otherwise, the quotation price may change vice versa from time to time.

Is Quotation of the booking lock the desired vehicle?

Yes, the quotation per booking includes the desired vehicle for the period of per booking. Once the quotation is paid, the vehicles will be allocated into your booking according to your booking orders.

How to I know or find my booking information?

Once the booking is successful, our client service center will push out the emails for confirmation per booking.

Without notification, will the booking chauffeur waiting for the client at specific point?

No, the chauffeur vehicle only waiting for the clients up to 30 minutes without any notification been given to our client support team or earlier notified notes via agents or clients.

Unless the booking has been paid off in advance, our chauffeur vehicle will be standby from the booking time to end of booking time of period.

My Airflight is delayed or earlier, how I should track with Chauffeur pick up time and bookings, will the booking fees extended due to my delayed flight?

With Grand Galaxy Chauffeur, you shall not be worried about any amendment due to the circumstances including air-flight delays. Once the booking is allocated, your chauffeur agent and client support team will track the flight number information to make sure our vehicle will be pick the client on-time. At general scenario, you will not be charged for extended hour, however, if there is a delay due to un-trackable reasons, we will make additional charges per booking.

I made a road trip booking for 10 hours. However, my road trip delayed because of I waked up late. I still like to travel for 10 hours, will I eligible to pay additional fee?

Yes, the additional fee is placed if the trip is delayed unless we have been given out the notice prior the booking.

Will I be able to grant additional hour following the exiting booking?

Yes, you may. The scenario will be vice versa, depending on the booking availability on the day on same vehicle or different one subject to liaising and confirming with our customer support line.

What is the price for extended trip per Hour?

As our valued client, we will no charging the additional hour within the reasonable tolerance of 30 minutes in front and rear. However, our extended hour on per cars different: $90 per hour for 7 Seaters, $110 per hour for 14 Seaters, $140 per hour for 14 above Seated bus.

I want to cancel my bookings, any penalties for cancellation? how I should do?

If you would like to cancel the existing bookings. Please contact our client support line.

– Bookings cancelled greater than 48 Hours prior to travel: up to 50% of the value of the booking.

– Bookings cancelled less than 48 Hours prior to travel and the day of travel, but not on the day of travel: up to 50%.

– Bookings cancelled on the day of travel: up to 100% of the value of the booking.

Will you accept cash?

We do not recommend our clients passing any cash notes to our driver during the trip because of interest of conflict.

How to I make payments for per booking?

Making the payments on booking is very easy. As long as you have selected right booking information, there will be a menu for payment link. Our payment partner is Stripe, one of the top safest payment online solutions.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

We are not allowed any smoky air within our chauffeur vehicles.

What scenario chauffeur driver refuse clients entry to the vehicles?

Who influenced by Alcohol or drugs, hot food eating in the vehicles, ice-cream, carrying any dangerous/flammable or any illegal items with the cars. The un-claimed luggage during the bookings.

During the trip, I feel car-sick, how I should contact client support team or speak to driver?

For any reasons, if the client feel uncomfortable, please talk to our specialist driver or client support. The general solution will be pull the car parking in a safe position. With very urgent matter, we may call 000 for emergency assist or cancel the booking.

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Grand Galaxy Chauffeur has provided car services in Melbourne area since 2022. What started as a small company has grown into a premier limousine and private transportation company.